Holocaust Research & Education Foundation

Our Magazine, ‘Traces’, is released several times a year and available as a free download.

Many of the themes inside either capture a glimpse of our current work, or are smaller segments of essays we are researching. Many people contact us looking for help in finding out more about where their family members were imprisoned, for example in the Auschwitz sub-camp system, to which we have extensively researched, whilst others would like their families story told for the first time to keep their memory alive.

If you are interested in contributing to future editions, please get in touch giving us as much detail as possible. Contributors will get free physical copies of our magazine, however you can also buy multiple copies for yourself or for your library/place of work too.

Issue 1-22 32 pages

Includes: SS-Hauptscharführer Otto Moll, Serge Laks, prisoner of Auschwitz, Gleiwitz and Blechhammer, Julien Van den Driessche, prisoner of Flossenbürg, Ron Bowley British POW Camp E22 & the Auschwitz Sub-Camp Sosnitz. 

Issue 2-22 32 pages

Available soon.

Issue 3-22 32 pages

Available soon.