Holocaust Research & Education Foundation

The Material Traces of Genocide Foundation (MTOG), explores Holocaust sites around Europe documenting material remnants before they are lost forever. The first large scale project we undertook was to identify the many sub-camps of Auschwitz, where hundreds of prisoners died.

In the immediate aftermath of the war, the preservation of buildings outside of the museum were not protected. Workshops, barracks and buildings that supported the running of KL Auschwitz were demolished, and by the 1970’s, the area surrounding, bore little similarity to how it once was. In this way, the whereabouts of several locations have been lost in time, something we have seen first-hand when inspecting the sub-camp system in its contemporary environments.

After spending over 12 months in the archives researching testimonies and studying blueprints of maps, we began to build a portfolio of buildings and camps attached to Auschwitz.

The journey we have undertaken whilst locating these camps are documented in this book. It is simply an overview of each camp, highlighting the current geographical situations in their contemporary environments. We hope that it provokes the reader to consider Auschwitz in a more expansive way, and in turn encourage further research – this alone is our primary goal.

We are currently working on other publications that will be available to buy in the near future.

The Forgotten Sub-Camps of Auschwitz – 348 Pages

Our interest in the ‘outer wires’ of the Auschwitz main camp peaked when becoming increasingly intrigued with the camp architecture that exists outside of the museum perimeters. Dilapidated buildings, fence posts and bomb shelters spill out of the camp and into the suburbs. It proved difficult to find information on these sites and what their purpose was, but it was plausible they were connected with the era of Auschwitz… Our book investigates the Auschwitz sub-camps in their contemporary environments that will give the reader pause for reflection.

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