Holocaust Research & Education Foundation

Our collection of essays’ series are released in volumes and available to purchase from our website.

Typically, each volume is a reflection of our collective interests, and what we feel are understudied areas. Many of the common themes return to our interest in material traces of genocide, or lack of preservation and knowledge. In most cases, we have found that places of work, governmental buildings and institutions often fall into this category, much to the surprise and interest of people connected to them. Other material remnants are now ruins of buildings or infrastructures but equally as important to highlight.

Issue 1-23 200 pages

Includes: SS-Hauptscharführer Otto Moll, Investigating the Sadistic Journeyman Commandant of Gleiwitz and Fürstengrube The purpose and labour of the Auschwitz Industriehof and post war preservation The Chelmek Sub-Camp of Auschwitz The preservation and destruction of the former Łódź ghetto and associatted buildings